Lady Talks To Her Late Mom Online Over 4 Years.

Woman uses microblog to 'talk' to her dead mother

The picture above shows Lulu’s Weibo update and the online response she has received since she started communicating with her deceased mom who passed on 4 years ago.

She made it a decision to write messages to her mom online with the hope of keeping the close bond they shared before she died. She admitted both used to talk about 3 or 4 times everyday before the mother left this world.

The letter reads:

“Mom, I dreamed about you all night. I dreamt that you had come back to me, but I know you are gone…”

The first message she sent for her mom was in June, 2012. Since that time, Lulu made it a daily activity to share her daily life experiences and especially how it relates to her late mom.

She said, “I will keep talking to you until I leave the world”.

The girl in her 30,s has kept in touch with her mom everyday in the past 4 years. She confessed it’s the best way she can still share her feelings like before.

In the past four years, she has posted over 1,200 messages and got 86,583 followers so far.

One internet user said:” Every tweet moves me to tears, and thank you for reminding more people to cherish each day we have with our mother.”

Another said, “this is the most touching microblog ever.”

Lulu hopes her decision to keep the love between them burning would inspire others to treasure every moment they share with their parents.