Lady rejecting suspected scam call finds out she won $1.47m lotto

An Australian woman who dodged multiple calls from what she suspected to be scammers was shocked when she finally answered the phone and learned she had won a nearly $1.5 million lottery jackpot.

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The Launceston, Tasmania, woman told The Lott officials she had been avoiding their phone calls because she didn’t recognize the number.

“This is crazy! I never answer calls from numbers I don’t know because I always think they’re nuisance people who are trying to do something naughty,” the woman said. “But you called me so many times that I thought I’d just answer it and see what it was about.”

The woman was told she had won a $1.47 million jackpot in the July 31 TattsLotto drawing. The player bought her ticket from the Festival Westbury Lotto Outlet in Westbury.

The winner said she and her family are planning to be “very sensible” with their prize money.

“The first thing we will do is pay off our bills and, of course, invest some,” she said. There might be something fun in there, like a spa, or some little things for around the house, but I am not sure. I need to believe what you are saying before I can make plans!”