How Kim Kardashian’s robbery is destroying her marriage, life and career

Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint in far away Paris a few weeks ago and the reality TV star is yet to recover from her traumatic experience as her marriage, private life and career are said to be hanging in the balance.

Rumors are rife that Kim is considering getting a divorce from husband Kanye West because he’s constantly blaming her personal life and family for the Paris attack.

An insider told OK Magazine that Kim and Kanye have had a rocky marriage since five masked men gagged and robbed the social media star of over $10 million in jewelry.

“They’ve been fighting nonstop since they got back from Paris,” the publication quotes their source as saying.

The report also adds that the couple’s friends “are worrying that a breakup is imminent.”

Kanye and Kim have reacted differently since the incident. While the rapper has been verbally attacking everyone including Jay-Z, his longtime pal, Kimmy has remained traumatized ever since.

According to the report, “Kanye’s totally gone off the rails, tearing into everyone from Kris Jenner to Kim’s sisters to her bodyguard to Kim herself, blaming them all for the robbery,” the source claims. “He’s really acting out.”

The source continues: “Kim is reportedly tired of her rapper husband’s ‘ranting and raving,’ so she is considering moving on from him.”

“She prefers it when he’s away. He’s just too hard to deal with. [She’s] likely to go back to the same divorce attorney she reportedly consulted earlier this year,” the tipster was quoted as saying.