Kate Hudson reveals why she’s urging all women to cut their hair

Kate Hudson says she’s thankful to her son and singer Sia for helping shave her head in preparation for a movie role.

Since shearing off her trademark blonde locks for the upcoming musical Sister, Kate says her new buzz cut has been inspiring and remains one of the best fashion statements she ever made. The 38-year-old now wants all women to shave their heads.

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Image: Kate Hudson

Despite her courage to wear the bold look, Kate says she’s not yet sure how it would fit her personality after filming had finished.

The upcoming movie Sister is directed by Sia, the famous 42-year-old Australian pop star who sang Cheap Thrills.

Speaking in an interview with Lorraine on Friday, the How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days actress explained her reason for going bald. “I shaved the whole thing. I did a film with Sia, a musical, and we shaved it off.”

She continued, “My little one [referring to son Ryder] and Sia took clippers for the funny job. It’s laughable because when you’re doing it for a role you don’t really think about it – because you’re just ready for anything…You’re like ‘let’s do this’ but when it was done, it was like, ‘Oh, my head’s shaved … oh my god! I loved it! I miss it!'”

Kate also revealed she suffered initial shock at the loss of her hair but said she learned to embrace her new hairstyle. Hilariously, she added that her reason for missing the bald hair was because her boyfriend Danny Fujikawa used to rub it until she’s lulled to sleep.

Image shows Kate Hudson (left)

“I’ll never forget that sensation of just falling asleep to him rubbing my head,” she confessed, adding that she never felt anything like that before.

With time, Kate’s hair has grown out into a pixie crop which is also blonde again. She was known for her signature locks before the challenging movie role.

Her parting statement? Yes. Kate is urging all women to take their chance and try the amazing hairstyle for themselves because, she said, it feels “liberating” to make daring fashion statements with baldness.

“I honestly think a women in her life at one point just needs to chop it all off,” the daughter of Goldie Hawn said.

“It’s so liberating, particularly because people look at you differently.”