Kanye West’s Creative Studio Burglarized!

Kanye West‘s Creative Studio was burglarized by a criminal who broke into the office looking for valuable items. Reports say there are speculations that the thief who made away with a bunch of gear, could be someone from the inside.


Image: Outside Kanye West’s Creative Studio where it’s alleged that an insider with good knowledge of what’s in the office committed burglary.

According to reports from TMZ, the authorities confirmed that they got a call to Kanye’s Calabasas office Tuesday for a burglary. The police said, a door had was left wide open overnight.

Other items missing from the office include: “a bunch of laptop and desktop computers totaling around $20,000.00”

Kanye West sure have reasons to smile this time because the report confirms no confidential info was exposed due to some hi-tech security in the studio. The smiling rapper has quickly replaced every item that was stolen.

While the rapper is considering an upgrade on the studio’s internal and external security, police said no one has been arrested or charged for the crime. However, Kanye West believes this is a rip-off from an insider.

Image: The Yeezus rapper is not smiling at this but he’s cool.

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