Justin Bieber Knows How To ‘Love’ From Haters.

Justin Bieber surely knows how to attract hate and criticism as is evident in his careless tweet (suspected to be) on the late music icon, Prince.

Bieber posted this as a way of showing respect but it has been widely misunderstood especially by fans who saw it as an unnecessary insult.

The tweet read: “Well not the last greatest living performer.”

The comment’s screenshot was posted on Twitter by an account by the name of @DailyRapFacts.

It isn’t clear who Justin Bieber was referring to, maybe himself or someone else but the comment apparently came at the wrong time.

This is how fans reacted to the tweet so far:

Justin Bieber replies to an Instagram post calling Prince the last great living performer

First it was an update from the twitter handle where he posted the comment, then followed by comments from angry fans.

Slam me if you want but is a no-talented hack who got lucky. Yes, I said it! To compare himself to is beyond low.

Why is anyone is surprised w comment He’s young & narcissistic he may be a good performer but he’ll never be an artist

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