Justin Bieber Celebrated Easter in Nudes.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is a grown man now, having passed his early life tribulations. He isn’t shy about showing off his body anymore.

For his nude Easter celebrations, the Sorry singer won’t need to apologize to fans for stripping down his underpants and posting it online. This was a way of wishing everyone ‘Happy Easter’, stripping and taking a dive in the river.

All work and no play makes Bieber a sad boy.

He is still in the middle of his sold-out World Tour but found a good way to relax in his birthday clothes. Maybe he didn’t just pack enough clothes for the outing or maybe he felt more comfortable wearing nothing.

In appreciation of the racy picture, Justin Bieber wrote:

“Das ass doe.”

Fans who couldn’t hold back their feelings responded quickly with compliments while one wrote: “Oh my god! I may never look at Justin the same again LMAO!”