Jose Mourinho reveals why he sacked Manchester United ball boys

Jose Mourinho has made claims that his ball boys were relieved of their duties because he felt they weren’t so good at the job.

Newcastle United v Chelsea

The Portuguese coach has since selected a better group of young boys from the club’s academy.

Mou made the decision prior to last week’s Liverpool game with an excuse that the Academy players have a “better football sense” and would be more effective when athleticism is required.

The Special One also admitted that the new ball boys will help speed up his team’s tactics especially when they’re on the attack.

All selected boys are from United’s Under-16 team and they proved Mourinho right with the services rendered during his 1-1 draw with Liverpool at Old Trafford.

A United official said: “Yes it’s true that Jose did change the ball boys for the Liverpool game.

“Prior to that, the task was carried out through the Manchester United Foundation but the manager changed it against Liverpool and brought in boys from one of the Acadamy teams.

“We aren’t sure what will happen at future games.”

A group of young boys and girls from Manchester United Foundation who were formerly used for ball jobs will no longer be needed as the coach is said to be “unhappy with the previous standard.”

Jose Mourinho with ball boy Palace vs Chelsea

Image shows Jose Mourinho warning a ball boy during one of his matches as Chelsea coach.

“The manager wasn’t happy with what was on offer before from the ball boys and girls. He wanted a much slicker operation — especially when United are on the attack or time is running out,” People Sport quotes a source from Man U management.

“He felt by bringing in lads from the Academy teams — boys who understand the nuances of the game and the urgency of certain occasions, it would help speed up play at crucial moments.

“Of course, people may speculate whether opponents are given the same courtesy if they are on the attack or chasing the game.”