How ‘baby massage’ saved this woman’s son from cancer

Nicola, a first time mom, has made claims that “baby massage” saved her son’s life from cancer after a 5-time visit to medical practitioners failed.

She was practicing the technique learned at a massage class when the scary discovery was made.

She found a tiny lump on Alec‘s leg and reported to medics who conducted several tests on the boy but said it was nothing dangerous.

The lump was later found to be neuroblastoma.

Nicola and her husband Glen Carpenter said they were able to get a successful diagnosis after much insistence on better check-ups.

Cancer starts when cells in the body begin to grow out of control, says.

Cells in nearly any part of the body can become cancer, and can spread to other areas of the body.

Neuroblastoma is a type of cancer that starts in certain very early forms of nerve cells found in an embryo or fetus. (The term neuro refers to nerves, while blastoma refers to a cancer that affects immature or developing cells). This type of cancer occurs most often in infants and young children. It is rarely found in children older than 10 years.

Nicola confirmed that Alec was booked for injections as part of his 12-week immunization period, so they visited a hospital.

The 38-year-old recalls talking to a nurse and showing her the boy’s leg for examination.

Unfortunately, Alec’s lump was overlooked by the nurse who said he’d be fine. Other three doctors at the hospital also believed it wasn’t life-threatening, but they were all wrong.

“Every time I went to an ­appointment I’d be asked if I was a first-time parent and if Alec’s birth was traumatic,” an excited  Nicola told the UK’s Mirror.

“They were suggesting that I was being over-protective.”

The caring mother said she got tired of complaining and decided to visit a new hospital with her 40-year-old husband. They went to A&E at Ipswich Hospital, where Alec was given a thorough assessment and diagnosis by the doctors.

Nicola said the medics noticed Alec had bruises around his eyes which were also swollen.

Worse still, an A&E doctor ­wrongly suggested the boy may be suffering from neurofibroma, “a life-shortening illness that causes tumors on nerve tissue.”

“I was hysterical,” says Nicola, who was directed to consult another doctor at the hospital.

“Alec’s birth had been difficult and he was unable to breathe by himself for the first four hours.

“I was in such a state I called my health visitor, who made an appointment at the hospital.”

Luckily for the couple, an oncologist discovered that Alec was suffering stage-four neuroblastoma, barely seven weeks after the first lump was found.

This brave and favored boy just celebrated his first birthday but has passed through four sessions of chemotherapy. He also survived a major ­operation to remove a tumor in his chest last September.

“Alec appeared so healthy before his diagnosis so it was a shock when the chemotherapy made him so poorly,” his mother said.

“He slept in our bed continually because we worried about him being sick in the night.”

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