Jodie Marsh Claims Ex Is A Gold Digger.

Heartbroken Jodie Marsh is a woman of character and she’s coping well with the messy split from ex-husband James Placido after an 8-month-old marriage. She would rather splash her hard-earned cash on a lesbian relationship than spend more on a “male gold digger.”

Jodie has been busy tweeting about her split from James since April, 2016. In her latest post on Twitter, the bodybuilder said her ex has been “making threats”.


Image: Jodie Marsh and ex-husband, James Placido.

The TV personality posted a cryptic message to her 605,000 followers that reads: “Oh dear I have a feeling it’s about to turn nasty with James. He’s been making threats. I hope for his sake he pipes down…….

“Because I’m 100% sure he doesn’t want the truth getting out there as to why we really split….

“I’ve been overly kind to him so far.”

She continued: “I’ve already been there once before with an embarrassing “man” who tried to take half my house and earnings.

In another message Jodie posted on Twitter, the star alleged that James has already taken from her, about £10,000 worth of stuff. She’s very angry but taking things cool with the man who used to be his body trainer.



Image shows her Twitter messages dated June 1, 2016.

Though Jodie hasn’t revealed what items James took from her, she surely doesn’t want more of that. She’ll fight to defend whatever is left.

The fitness icon ranted: “If you are a man and you only marry a woman to get to her money then you are NOT a man. You do, in fact, have a vagina.”

Another fan wrote to the star, saying: “Make sure he doesn’t get a penny hun. He can go with what he came with, the clothes on his back and his caravan!”

Jodie Marsh then responded, claiming James has taken a substantial amount of possessions from her already: “Too late for that. He’s already taken about £10,000 worth of stuff I bought & STILL wants more!! But nice thought….. Ha x.”

Things are a bit sketchy as the star has not explained details of her prenuptial agreement, or shown what items were purchased when they were married. It, however, seems that the couple won’t need a court case to sort things out.

She finally urged her followers to appreciate what they’ve got.

Jodie wrote: “Ladies if you have a decent fella who just loves you for you; give him extra love tonight & tell him how fab he is & how lucky you are.”

Image: Jodie Marsh has a piece of advice for the ladies.

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