JOB OPENING: Ninjas Recruitment Going On Now In Japan.

For job seekers who are interested in applying to become a ninja, Japan’s Aichi prefecture is looking to hire six ninjas in an effort to boost tourism and promote “warlord tourism”. Anyone above 18 can apply and applications close on 22 March, 2016.

Historical ninjas were 15th Century Japanese mercenaries specializing in espionage, assassination, sabotage and other forms of irregular warfare.

Such trickery was considered beneath the samurai, or military nobility, who had to observe strict rules on fighting honorably.

Nevertheless, the advertised roles and job specification has been changed for the future ninjas.

According to the job ad, the roles are full time and the pay is ¥180,000 ($1,600; £1,100) a month.

Aichi perfecture says any potential applicant must posses physical fitness and acrobatic skills.

The job involves stage performances and “PR work” for radio and television. Combat experience as a ninja is not required and a track record of killing people for money would not be necessary in your application.

Ideal candidates should enjoy working under the radar even though he or she is a secretive ninja.

Though the troupe will sometimes perform in English, Japanese language skills are preferred but not highly essential.

Ninja training these days are quicker therefore winning applicants will need more speed in the arts of wooing tourists with back flips and sword play by the end of April.

The ninjas are expected to perform at Nagoya Castle among other locations. This plan is a part of a larger effort to attract more tourists to the Japan ahead of the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics Games.