Jessica Hayes Flashing B**bs On A Night Out.

Jessica Hayes isn’t jumping on the nude selfies bandwagon, she’s been there all along just like Kim and Emily.

The difference is, the Love Island’s star doesn’t take selfies but prefers to flash her boobs for everyone who cares to stare at them. Previously, she was on a night out with friend Katie Salmon and both gal friends flashed their ‘things’ while catching some fun.

Both had their actions criticized but Katie found a good way to joke with the incident:

“I love how people are making out a nipple is the end of the world. We were drunk … being young girls having fun. I apologise if I offended anybody, but really, have you guys not seen a nipple before?” Those were her words on facebook.


Last night she did it again but this time she was out with TOWIE’s Jasmin Walia.

The reality star who seem to hate bras so much was wearing a black dress which she pulled down for the cameras without shame.