Jennifer Lopez reveals her ‘ageless’ beauty secrets



At 49, Jennifer Lopez appears ageless with her fitness level, well-toned skin, body curves and jaw-dropping abs, but there’s only one secret to achieving these incredible beauty standards–consistency.

Gunner Peterson, a personal trainer to the Second Act star who has managed her health and beauty routines for years, told Hollywood Life that J-Lo isn’t interested in dieting or taking magic pills. ‘These don’t sound terribly sexy,’ he said.

‘She (J-Lo) is just conscious of her health and makes it a priority–that’s why she keeps looking like a 20-year-old,’ Peterson added. He also works with Kim Kardashian, Sofia Vergara, Sylvester Stallone, and many other celebrities.

In an effort to share some useful beauty secrets from experience gathered over the years, Jennifer Lopez is about to launch her own skincare line.

Speaking to Refinery 24 on the business idea, J-Lo said the range of beauty products will, most likely, take a long time before hitting global markets but assured fans that they’re sure to enjoy a glowing skin just like hers.

‘I’m not in a hurry to put just anything out,’ the NY City-born actress said.

She continued, ‘I’ve been working on this entrepreneurial idea for a long time; I’m glad to announce that the skincare line is going to be something perfect–something that works for everyone…You can count on me for maximum satisfaction anytime my name is on something.’

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Image: Jennifer Lopez

J-Lo’s preventative range of beauty products will launch in 2019. The skincare line promises to stave off signs of ageing and the Anaconda star says the beauty secrets will be her own little way of appreciating fans.

‘You should expect a touch of all the secrets I’ve learned over the years,’ she noted, ‘…It’d contain everything that has kept me radiating as the years pass bye. It has nothing to do with needles.’

Although Peterson and J-Lo have previously attributed her ageless beauty to a healthy lifestyle and drinking lots of water, the Boy Next Door actress said: ‘One thing that destroys your health, especially as you get older, is smoking and living on caffeine.

‘Additionally, I always avoid the sun and must use my sunscreen whenever I have to stay outdoors in the rays…My commitment to UV protection is another reason I’ve got a youthful skin complexion.’

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