Jay-Z Found The 1 Problem He Didn’t Have.

Jay-Z surely have 99 problems and now South African UK-based comedian has become one.

Thenjiwe Moseley shared a hilarious online video in which she claims to be Beyonce’s mother. She said Queen Bey is her biological daughter. Thenjiwe went on urging the famous singer to make haste and return home to KwaMashu in Durban, South Africa.

Some people see this as a joke but for many others, Beyonce’s family tree may have roots down there in Africa. Guess Jigga isn’t laughing about this but it sure could help him shake off the recent lawsuit against him and Kanye West over Tidal.

In a set-up that looks so real like a televised TV interview -maybe it was actually – the comedian spent five minutes telling a story of how she gave Beyonce to an American couple during the apartheid war in South Africa.

The American couple stayed at the hotel where she worked in 1984.

She said Beyonce’s real name is Busisiweis.

The comedian went on telling Beyonce that her ancestors are not happy with her. She warned that there will be repercussions if she neglects her advice.

Thenjiwe was specific to add that Beyonce’s marriage to Jay-Z could be in great danger if she fails to make a quick decision.

The UK-based South African wants Beyoncé to return with her husband so they can have a traditional Zulu ceremony in South Africa as well as honor traditional marriage rites.

Shawn Carter and Beyonce Knowles haven’t responded to the advice.

They couple may choose to send in some donations to appease the gods in South Africa.

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