Jay Chou surprises wife with a memorable birthday bash

Hannah Quinlivan turned 26 on August 12 and celebrated her hatchday in Bangkok.

Unsurprisingly, her husband, multi-hyphenate Jay Chou, pulled out all the stops for her birthday bash. Hannah wrote on her Instagram, “Thank you hubby for preparing such an unforgettable birthday for me xoxo (sic)”.

In the snap that both she and Jay uploaded, the pair locked lips while holding a made-to-order fondant cake in the shape of an Hermès Birkin bag. Jay’s caption, however, tickled netizens as he quipped, “Happy birthday to my sweetie Hannah Quinlivan. Happy wife happy life (sic)”.

Hannah was also surprised by her friends, who set up a giant inflatable whack-a-mole for her.

“Thank you my girls for preparing a gift that I always wanted to play!” she wrote, as she posed with herself perched on top of the whack-a-mole platform while carrying a giant pink inflatable hammer. Her friends, who had animal headpieces on, played the moles for the night.

Jay Chou and Hannah.jpg

One person in particular drew netizens’ attention as some guessed that she was Jay and Hannah’s oldest child, Hathaway.

One netizen wrote, “(Hathaway) looks so much like Jay!” However, she was quickly corrected by Hannah, who clarified that the girl in the photo is not her daughter.

The couple has remained extremely protective of their children. After tying the knot in a fairy-tale ceremony in January 2015, they welcomed their first child, a girl named Hathaway in July the same year. Their son Romeo was born two years later.