Jacob Zuma In Money-Laundering Drama.

On April 3, the South African Presidency strongly rejected allegations that President Jacob Zuma laundered 6 billion rand (about 400 million U.S. dollars) to Dubai, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for a wealthy family in India  known as the “Gupta family”.

Bogani Majola  the Presidential spokesperson is quoted as saying that Malema’s allegation “has no basis in fact”.

Majola continued, “Malema’s allegations ‘are both untruthful and defamatory’. The Presidency reserves its rights in this regard.”

Julius Malema is the current leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) in South Africa who on last Thursday accused President Jacob Zuma of financial crimes. The president was recently in Dubai on a tour which he is alleged to have used as an opportunity to dump 6 billion rand for the Gupta family.


“Zuma recently concluded successful visits to Saudi Arabia and the UAE to strengthen bilateral trade and economic relations between South Africa and the two countries respectively”, Majola said.

The wealthy Gupta family has kept close ties with the president in recent years with its huge business interests in South Africa.

The Gupta family has also been criticized for having exerted undue influence on the presidency in its choice to appoint cabinet positions to members of the ruling African National Congress.

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