Egypt Wants Cyprus to Extradite EgyptAir Hijacker.

As the world keenly wait to hear the legal charges and judgement to be issued on the hijacker Seif Eldin Mustafa, Cypriot Attorney General Costas Clerides said on Saturday that “Egypt has asked Cyprus to extradite a man held by Cypriot police on suspicion of hijacking an EgyptAir plane on Tuesday and forcing it to land at Larnaca.” 

The Attorney General continued, “Egypt’s request to extradite Seif Eldin Mustafa, aged 59, will be examined after investigation into crimes on which Cypriot authorities have jurisdiction are completed.”

“When investigations are completed it will be decided whether he will be extradited to Egypt.”

He also pointed out that due to inter-governmental nature of the crime “the decision will be taken in consultation with the government as a decision of political nature is involved.”

The hijacker has been confirmed by his ex-wife as a very violent man and a religion fanatic who at one time bragged about his involvement in the killing of some Israeli soldiers.

He claimed that his attempt to hijack the plane was to see his wife and family as well as seek asylum from the government.

The 59-year-old hijacker tried to run from the airplane after releasing all passengers and was caught by the police.

His reason for the hijack, as confirmed by the letter he delivered prior to the arrest, was a demand that Egypt release 69 women held in prison.

According to the laws of Cyprus, the court has remanded him in prison custody for 8 days and the days remain valid until Wednesday.