It’s Not Embarrassing, Brooklyn Beckham.

David and Victoria Beckham

For every parent, it is a great joy to watch a child grow into an adult. The feeling goes beyond joy and is simply indescribable when you have four beautifully made kids.

It’s not about the money or fame. Generally, conceiving and having the kids grow into enviable adults is an invaluable achievement worth more than any material thing.

Smile, it's your mum's big day! The Beckham clan looked a little glum before the show kicked off

The Becks have achieved success in business, fashion and football but above all these comes ‘the family and shared love’. David and Victoria got married in 1999 and have other kids Romeo (13), Cruz (11) and the beautiful Harper Seven who is just 4.

David Beckham described his three boys as ‘lady killers’ when he ‘prophesied’ what their future love and romance would look like. The football and fashion icon believes his boys will be greatly adored by women. Truly they are all beautiful boys. Aren’t they? 

Happy family: Speaking on BBC Breakfast on Monday , David offered a rare insight into his life with fashion designer wife Victoria, 44, and their children children Brooklyn, 16, Romeo, 13, Cruz, 10, and Harper, four

In one of his interviews, Beckham referred to his boys in this way: ‘The boys are all good-looking, they are all polite, they are all very fun-loving, and so I think they’re all gonna be lady killers. 

What a good way for an adoring father to appreciate his boys. The Becks can afford all that money can buy so the ‘future babes’ have more reasons to love the ‘killers’. We wish them the best although Brooklyn has already made headlines in this direction.

David Beckham Victoria Beckham with Family

The big question is, how embarrassing can it be if two loving parents choose to share their heartfelt birthday message to their 17-year-old kid online?

That was exactly what David and Victoria Beckham did today and, surprisingly, the intended humor backfired because Brooklyn didn’t find it funny. The little man thinks he’s an ‘adult’ now and there are more important things than birthday wishes. What could that be?

Brooklyn turns 17

The famous footballer posted throwback pictures of his boy on Instagram as a way of celebrating old memories of kid-Brooklyn. In his words: “17 years ago today this little man came into this world and changed our lives in so many ways”. 

David continued, “We were given the most precious gift that makes us smile and proud every time he walks through the door… Not so little anymore but look at the smile. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUST”.

Not left out in the social media celebration, Victoria also took her time to shower love on the doted son. The beautiful fashion designer and supermodel posted her eldest son’s picture and wrote: “Happy Birthday beautiful boy”.

The 41-year-old mother continued: “We are so proud and love you so much. Can’t believe baby Brooklyn is 17 today.”

From the bottom of my heart, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BROOKLYN!


The birthday boy didn’t waste time in taking it up in the social media, too. He wrote in appreciation: “Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes”.

Brooklyn didn’t stop at saying thanks, he went on further to reveal the biggest part of his 17th birthday.

Guess what, he is excited to have reached the legal driving age in U.K. He wrote: “Looking forward to my first driving lesson. 

Little man, just make a wish on Lamborghini, Ferrari or Bugatti and you will have it. Please heed warnings from your driving instructor so you can save lives including yours, buddy.

It has been revealed that David and Victoria aren’t so different from other controlling parents who hate to embarrass their kids can’t help it. Royalty comes with it’s highs and lows. Brooklyn should be thankful that if he ever gets embarrassed by Beckham, it’s a pleasure and an honor. How many kids in the world would wish to be controlled or embarrassed if Beck should be their dad? Some adults won’t mind being ‘an adopted whatever’. Lol.

To compensate Brooklyn for any embarrassment – intended or unintended – “When David takes Brooklyn to school, Brooklyn makes him drop him down at the end of the street, because he thinks it’s embarrassing,” Victoria laughed as she spoke with People in November (15).

In Victoria’s words: “I’m like, ‘If you’re embarrassed by your dad and he’s David Beckham, what chance does any other father at the school have?'”

Chillax, Brooklyn. You will be compensated in cash and kind for your parent’s online birthday wish. Prepare your wishes and place them as cards on the table. Undoubtedly, all will come true because you are BROOKLYN BECKHAM.

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