“It’s Irritating To Be Famous,” Gisele Bundchen Says.

Supermodel Gisele Bundchen made a good choice writing an expensive $700 coffee-
table book titled “Gisele” but sadly, she says it’s irritating being famous. Why would she say so when a lot of young women out there are day-dreaming to be like her?

Image shows Gisele Bundchen’s pictures compiled in a book.

She has been very busy promoting new paperback version of biography sold on Amazon for $44.64 only.

Reports confirm Gisele Bundchen who is also known as Mrs. Tom Brady, personally autographed 1,000 hardcovers which are on sale for a little more than $700 . The actual price is a whooping $2,498! Plus $3.99 shipping charge.

Anyone who wishes to lay hands on the limited autographed hardcovers can get them on the website. The book was originally 
released last fall.

The trending book contains 300 pictures of the Brazilian sexy lady compiled from over 20 years of her modeling career.

Gisele Bundchen is regarded as the world’s richest model. Painfully, she admits if she had to do it all over again, she may never have taken that long strut down the catwalk.

“If I had to start modeling today, there is no way I would ever do it,” Gisele told Access Hollywood.

“I’m like a little crab, I just like to stay inside my home, and everything is just too much for me.”

She also said in another interview while promoting the book that she doesn’t love being famous.

“To me, the idea of being 
famous is irritating,” she told The New York Times. “The attention is strange. Everyone has an opinion.”

History says the Brazilian hot toddy left home at the age of 14 seeking fame and fortune. However, Gisele Bundchen says she attributes her success to hard work.

Now you may begin to question why she said being famous is irritating.

In her words: “I always knew that, even if I was not the most beautiful girl, I’d be the most energetic and hard-working.

“If you want to know the truth, that’s the reason for my success. … I’ve always been a hard worker, never late for a job in my life. Really, ask anyone.”

Image: A picture from Gisele Bundchen’s 1998 book.

Supermodel Gisele was asked what she would really like to do with her life, if it weren’t for all the money, endorsement deals, magazine covers etc.?

“I have a different idea of what I am,” she said. “I wanted to be Jane Goodall. In my mind, I’m still Jane Goodall in bare feet.”

Image shows Jane Goodall in the wild.

But the famous Jane Goodall’s shoes may not be very good for the runways unless Gisele Bundchen is dreaming of a life in the wild.

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