Israeli intelligence says it intercepted audio proving rockets misfired in Gaza

Back to the IDF news conference on the al Ahli explosion, where spokesperson Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari is saying it would have been “impossible to know what happened as quickly as Hamas claimed they knew”.

He says there was no IDF fire that hit the hospital by land, sea or air and that its radar systems tracked rockets fired from Gaza at the time of the blast.

Videos show the failure of a rocket launch from a cemetery behind the hospital and the IDF intercepted communication “between terrorists talking about rockets misfiring”, he says.

He plays an audio which he says backs up his claims.

During the conflict, approximately 450 rockets fired toward Israel have fallen short and landed in Gaza, says the IDF spokesperson.

“We take any incident involving civilians very, very seriously,” he says.

Asked by a journalist why the world should trust Israel, Rear Admiral Hagari says it took five hours to check its facts and cross-reference its information.

He is now asked to respond to a claim made by the Palestinian envoy to Japan that Israel gave the hospital a warning call before the explosion.

Rear Admiral Hagari says he “does not know the answer” but he will check.

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