Israel should ensure Hamas does not rule Gaza

Israel has to “make sure Hamas does not rule Gaza”, retired IDF brigadier general Israela Oron has told Sky News.

Retired IDF brigadier general Israela Oron 

Speaking from Tel Aviv Ms Oron, who has granddaughters serving in the IDF, said she was “worried” about what would happen next in the region.

“I have 13 grandchildren, 10 of them in Israel, and I’m really worried about what is going to happen in this area in the future,” she said.

“I’m worried about what will happen after the operation in Gaza ends.

“I’m worried about what will happen if anything more serious than what is going on now in the northern border develops. I am worried about what will happen to the people in Gaza. I am also worried that this will turn into a global war.”

She said “Iran was behind all of this” and they had trained the forces of Hamas. 

“Without the support of Iran and the money of Iran, Hamas would not be able to do this,” she said.

Iran has denied any involvement in Hamas’s 7 October assault – but praised the action of militants.

Asked if she would urge caution to Israel, she added that Gaza was filled with civilians that “were not to be blamed for what is going on”.

She said: “We need to be very careful not to hurt them and give them the humanitarian aid they deserve.

“But we should not forget that the purpose of this operation in Gaza of the IDF is so that Hamas no longer rules Gaza.

“You have to do be smart and careful to do this with minimum casualties.”

She added that “Israel has to make sure Hamas does not rule Gaza”.

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