Israel links Egypt projectile impact to ‘aerial threat’ in Red Sea

A bit more on Egypt now. 

A short while ago, we brought you a report that a “projectile” had landed in the Egyptian Red Sea town of Nuweiba (see 8.40am post). 

The Israeli military has discussed it now, saying that an “aerial threat” had been spotted in the Red Sea region and linked this to a projectile that landed on Egyptian coastal territory there. 

“In recent hours, an aerial threat was spotted in the Red Sea region,” chief military spokesperson Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari said.

“Combat helicopters were scrambled in response to the threat, and this matter is now being investigated,” he added. 

“To our understanding, the strike that took place in Egypt originated in this threat,” he said in a televised briefing. 

He added that Israel will work with Egypt, and the US in bolstering regional defences against threats from the Red Sea region. 

Al Qahera News reported that an “unidentified body” fell near an electricity plant in the town.

These pictures appear to show the projectile. 

Ahmed Ona
Ahmed Ona

There’s also developments further north. 

An “unidentified drone” struck near the Egyptian town of Taba – which sits on the border with Israel, the Egyptian military has said. 

The drone struck near a hospital building and reportedly injured six people. 

This is apparently separate to the 8.40am “projectile” in the Red Sea town of Nuweiba, which is further south. 

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