Is there still hope for Nigeria?

What a country! It used to be techies japa’ing to Canada, US, Australia, the UK, etc.

Then, we added healthcare workers. Now law firms cannot retain lawyers: “I couldn’t even imagine why lawyers would resign from a law firm which has been the dream of some lawyers to work in. To be fair, it is not just his law firm that is losing manpower, even most of the A-list law firms in Nigeria that I know of are also losing huge numbers of lawyers on a daily basis…”

Again, I do not have the authority to comment on japa or leaving Nigeria since I left many years ago. Yet, it is time for the nation to see this as a national emergency. I did some checks using the convocation document for my FUTO graduating class. I noticed that 90% of all students who graduated top of their respective departments in my set in FUTO’s School of Engineering and Engineering Technology (SEET) are living outside Nigeria. How do you build a country that way?

I challenge the government to make opportunities HAPPEN in Nigeria. We’re fading real fast across many human capital indicators. You subsidize education, and other nations then come and plug young people while you struggle. You have no chance!

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