Interesting and weird fun facts that will amaze you


The MP in question was using his long word to disparage the judges of European courts. It set a new world record, but perhaps didn’t do much for the upcoming Brexit negotiations — floccinaucinihilipilification

Axoloties: These little cuties are critically endangered, but that doesn’t stop them appearing on the menu. A restaurant in Osaka, Japan serves them whole and deep fried. Wow! They were a popular snack too in their hinterlands of Mexico. One Francesco Clavigero wrote that, “the axolotl is wholesome to eat, and is of much the same taste with an eel. It is thought to be particularly useful in cases of consumption.”

This city is said to have had a population of some 800,000 people during the 9th and 10th centuries. The world’s population was estimated to be around 250 million at this time, so that’s quite a remarkably large city when compared with modern figures. It must have been chaos! — Constantinople

The two lead actors in this film went through a lot to portray these characters, including physical pain! Teller frequently bled from playing the drums as often and as intently as he did and one scene saw J. K. Simmons actually break two of his own ribs! Dedication or what?! — Whiplash

In the second year of the Spelling Bee challenge, the event declared its first female winner, Pauline Bell! She won by correctly spelling the word ‘cerise’, which describes a light clear red color. And since this fateful day, more women have won Spelling Bee championships than men.

This instrument has a few different pet names around the world. In Italy, for example, it is known as the ‘Bologna Sausage’ and in America they call it the ‘Sweet Potato Pipe — Ocarina

Biologists assert that stones in avocados are so large so that they may travel through the digestive tracts of dinosaurs. Think about the next time you order your smashed avocado on toast.

Ever wondered why a baby’s cry is so ruddy hard to ignore? Scientists have found that we’re hard-wired to respond to the sound. When scanning the brains of 28 people, they found a burst of activity when measuring the sound of a crying baby, as opposed to less urgent sounds like meowing cat. So next time your stuck on a plane with a crying baby, don’t blame the kid for not being able to put it out of your brain, brain good old evolution.

Henry Ford and Thomas Edison were very close friends, so much so, that after Edison’s death, Ford kept a vial with Edison’s last breath in it, which was collected by the latter’s son and gifted to Ford at his father’s request.

The English language borrows from the French a lot. The word in question is one example, meaning memory à la francaise.