Innergize Day 2016: What’s Your Plan For September 23?

Thank God it’s September 23 again. I believe you already know today isn’t a day for workaholics or those who are so involved in making money that they forgot how to live life.

If you’re one of those and you’re ready to turn a new leaf right now, then don’t worry, today is also your day.

Time is no longer on our side as the clock ticks but we can make do with the little we have left. Yes, because today is Innergize Day.

September 23 is a day set aside for rest from the hassles of our daily lives, especially with “paid jobs”. It’s a forced day of rest for everyone to celebrate life. So if you’re reading this from your place of work, it might be right to inform your boss of the error.

Would you rather sell out your Innergize Day for an overtime pay? Think about it.

Innergize Day always fall on the day after Autumn started.

It’s true that our need for relaxation can’t ever be the same due to varied income levels, lifestyle, family and work commitments, religion and more. But just like the Earth does with Autumn, hibernating and preparing for renewal at this time of the year, we all have need to experience some kind of inner peace today.

“My goal is to get people to start with a day per year, progress to a day per month, then a day per week, and eventually an hour per day,” said  Michelle Porchia founder INNERGIZE DAY and owner of Inner Dimensions, LLC.

These are a few ways we can have a wonderful Innergize Day celebration:

  • Meditate: This is a good time for people to reflect on their lives, express graitutde to their creator, observe a fast and enjoy quiet time with the Almighty God. Having a private time is something many people always dream of, but our tight schedules never permit us to do so. If you desire a transformed outlook on life, and want a positive energy to drive you to your life goals, choose a desirable way to mediate but do it now.
  • Take a long bath: You can unwind by getting yourself into that bath tub. After all, it’s a no-work day. Soaking yourself in a warm bath will help relax your mind, body and soul, creating an avenue for a positive mindset.
  • Take a long nap: A good sleep is one thing that work has taken away from many of us. If you’re one of those who get up in the early morning hours and end your chores only when your eyes get shut on impulse, then you’re advised to leave every other thing behind and hit the bed right now.
  • Have yourself a merry Innergize Day: It’s understandable that world economies have been on a downward slope. However, we all need to appreciate the hard work we’ve put in over the months–even if it hasn’t been as fruitful as we wished. Crown yourself a king or queen, just this once and maybe until another time of the year.

You may also read a book, watch the TV to catch up on movies you’ve missed this year, listen to music, get a massage or just sit out on the front porch to reflect on life. You’ll surely find the energy you need.

Happy Innergize Day!