Industrial Restructuring: Xi Jinping calls for continuous revitalization 

Chinese President Xi Jinping visits a forest park in Jinzhou, northeast China’s Liaoning Province, August 16, 2022. /Xinhua

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Tuesday called for continuous efforts to accelerate industrial restructuring in the country’s northeastern region to boost the economic transformation of the former industrial heartland.

“We have full confidence in the revitalization of the northeastern region,” Xi said during his visit to the city of Jinzhou, northeast China’s Liaoning Province.

Once a powerhouse, the country’s northeast – comprising the three provinces of Heilongjiang, Jilin and Liaoning – have traditional industries that include steel, automobile and aircraft manufacturing, shipbuilding and petroleum refining. 

Yet the region began to show a sharp decline in its economic performance indicators six years ago, afflicted by deep-rooted problems including an aging population, dwindling investment and talent outflow. The trio have lagged behind the national average for a while, until Beijing put forth a set of policies and funding to enhance their development starting in 2016.

Beginning with 2020, the area has seen a gradual economic rebound with positive GDP growth despite being hit strong by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

In his tour, President Xi urged sustained efforts to carry out the northeast revitalization strategy.

Chinese style modernization is one featuring common prosperity and happiness for all, not just a few, he pointed out.

Xi stresses safety of people’s lives in flood control

During his inspection of comprehensive environmental improvement work along two rivers in Jinzhou City, Xi was briefed about the province’s flood control and relief efforts.

Xi asked governments at all levels to take solid flood control and relief measures, make appropriate arrangements for those affected by floods and ensure their safety, while demanding that local authorities of Liaoning Province ensure the safety of people’s lives in flood control.

Authorities must devise proper plans for post-disaster recovery and reconstruction to help people restore their production and life as soon as possible, Xi said.

The Chinese president was also briefed about local ecological restoration and conservation work. 

The Liaoshen Campaign Memorial and a forest park in Jinzhou were also on Xi’s agenda, where he looked back into the history of the liberation of Northeast China and the Liaoshen Campaign, one of the major campaigns during the War of Liberation more than seven decades ago.