Important life lessons from Noah’s Ark

I learned almost everything I need to know about life from Noah’s Ark, and thought I should share with you.

Noah's Ark.jpg

Lesson 1: Don’t miss the boat for any reason.

Lesson 2: Remember that we are all in the same boat.

Lesson 3: Plan ahead. Stop procrastinating, it wasn’t raining when Noah built the Ark.

Lesson 4: Exercise to stay fit and eat healthy foods. You could be handed a task at the age of 60.

Lesson 5: Don’t ever listen to critics, just get on with the job that needs to be done. They will praise your efforts courage in the end if you don’t get slack.

Lesson 6: Build your future on a higher ground.

noahs ark watermarked.jpg

Lesson 7: For safety’s sake, travel in pairs. There’s a reason God created man and woman, too.

Lesson 8: Speed isn’t always an advantage. The snails went on board with the cheetahs. How amazing!

Lesson 9: Take a break when you’re stressed up. Let yourself float for a while.

Lesson 10: Remember that the Ark was built by amateurs – Noah and his sons. The Titanic, dubbed “Unsinkable”, was built by professionals.

Lesson 11: There’s always a rainbow after the storm, especially with God on your side.

Seek God’s guidance in your life.

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