I’m overrated as a supermodel – Naomi Campbell

Despite her glam and glitz in global fashion industry, supermodel Naomi Campbell doesn’t think she is an icon.

The 49-year-old supermodel will be honored at the British Fashion Council on Monday (02.12.19) where she will receive the award for Fashion Icon and although she is “blessed” to be considered, Naomi doesn’t believe she is an icon.

Naomi Campbell 1.jpg

Image: Naomi Campbell

She said: “It’s an honor to be called it, it is. I don’t think of myself as an icon but I respect and am very honored to receive and blessed that they consider me to be one. Does it come with age and how many years? Possibly, right? So is the word icon associated with age? Is it? Is it for longevity?”

The supermodel and actress insists she just likes what she does.

She explained: “I’m not trying to compete with anybody, I just like what I do and I don’t do the same thing every day so it’s a bit of a mix-up and I like it that way.”

Naomi Campbell 2.jpg

Image: Naomi Campbell 

Meanwhile, Naomi previously admitted that whilst she has been in the industry for several decades, but says she’s never had a “strategy” when it comes to her work, and says her biggest tip is just to make sure people “take time out” for themselves.

She added: “I don’t have a strategy. I would work, and then I would not work. You’d see me, and then I’d disappear and do something else and come back. That’s how I’ve basically kept … That’s been the way of my path. I would never quit, I would just take time out. And I think you have to take time out for yourself in life, period, you have to go and do the things you want to do.”