I’m grateful for the chance to learn from Thierry Henry – Romelu Lukaku

Everton striker Romelu Lukaku has revealed he’s grateful to have Belgium assistant coach Henry Thierry, who coaching style has helped him improve in the game.

Henry joined Roberto Martinez’s coaching staff at the end of August.

 Thierry Henry ass. coach of Belgian Team and Lukaku Romelu forward of Belgium during the training session of the National Soccer Team of Belgium as part of the preparation prior to the friendly match between Spain and Belgium at the Rsc Anderlecht train

Image shows Romelu Lukaku and Henry Thierry during Belgium’s recent international outing.

The players recent form in this 2016 English Premier League season is without doubt, an outcome of the awesome impact from Henry.

Lukaku’s seven goals and three assists in top-flight matches for Everton, keeps him third in the Premier League’s highest goal scorers. He currently stands third behind Diego Costa and Sergio Aguero.

“It’s not easy with him, he’s very demanding. I hadn’t experienced that before. Even when I make a good pass, if the ball bobbles a little bit, he pulls me up on it,” Lukaku said, according to a report from ESPN FC.

“I think he sees in me characteristics he also had when he was younger. That’s why he’s so intransigent with me. Thanks to him, I’m more intelligent in my movement, and so I’m caught offside less.

“He’s also teaching me things about finishing, controlling the ball and how I see the game. Back in the day, he made 10 assists a season, I’d like to emulate him.”

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM - SEPTEMBER 04 : Thierry Henry ass. coach of Belgian Team and Romelu Lukaku forward of Belgium during a training session before the International Qualifying Match group H for the FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia between Cyprus and Belgium at the Neo GSP Stadium Nicosia on September 04, 2016 in Brussels, Belgium , 4/09/2016 ( Photo by Philippe Crochet / Photonews via Getty Images)

The Frenchman has been seen as a potential coach for bigger clubs which may not exclude Arsenal, where he’s considered a god. Let’s keep fantasizing.