If you got this condom as a gift, don’t use it

If you've been given one of these condoms DO NOT use them

A nightclub named KASBAH has been called out by the UK authorities for handing out potentially unsafe condoms to undergraduates in Hillfields area of Coventry.

According to reports, the endangered young people who received those Greek gifts were said to be celebrating fresher’s week at the University of Warwick and Coventry University.

Promoters who worked for the nightclub were seen urging university students to pick uf their free condoms and “get some lovin”.

The city’s health chiefs were said to have advised anyone who received those rubbers not to use them.

Kasbah’s condoms did not feature any of the required safety markings, and could fail – leaving anyone who uses them at risk of STIs or pregnancy, Metro quotes health officers as saying.

There are visible proofs to show that those condoms are doomed to disappoint anyone who dares.

In line UK’s regulations on all contraception, expiry dates and batch numbers must be clearly written on the products, but these are lacking on Kasbah’s condoms. Also, there are no British Standards Kitemark or CE European Standards mark which are both required by law.

In response to the alleged consumer risk, The Kasbah Nightclub has argued that their condoms which surprisingly have “not recommended for use” written on them in tiny print, were safe.

The distributor says they sourced their gifts from a reputable manufacturer.

A local councillor named Damian Gannon joined the long list of people who have openly criticised Kasbah for risking people’s lives. He posted on Twitter:

“This is incredibly irresponsible,” he tweeted. “How on earth does this promote licensing objectives?”

Kasbah has now backtracked from its earlier arguments, saying: ‘They are a novelty item given out for promotional purposes and clearly state “not recommended for use” most uni students can read.’