Ice-cream Seller Robbed And Shot.

A man was robbed at gun point in his ice cream business truck.

He was shot multiple times in the lower body during the robbery which the police said happened around 3:30 p.m. yesterday on Tully Road and Cecil Way.

Reports from Modesto police in California say he was rushed to hospital for treatments and the injuries sustained aren’t life-threatening.

According to the report: “Quite a few people witnessed the shooting. One woman said she heard three to five shots fired and saw a silver car speed away down an alley.”

An eye witness at the scene, Belinda Prunti said:“This time of year, it’s not like [the victim is] carrying a bunch of money — it’s not like a lot of kids want ice cream.

“They bring joy into the world. It’s like why do you want to mess with the ice cream truck?”

Close friends of the victim said he has has worked in the neighborhood for nearly 20 years.

The police has not made any arrests yet but a description of the alleged shooter says he’s a tall young man wearing a red shirt or sweater.

No further information was given.

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