Ibiyeomie: I’m too connected to suffer like you, vote wisely in 2023

The senior pastor and founder of Salvation Ministries, Pastor David Ibiyeomie has boasted that he is too connected to suffer the way members of his church and Nigerians, in general, are suffering due to the bad leadership in the country.

The cleric who said this while warning his congregation to vote wisely in the 2023 general elections warned against focusing on political parties, saying that it will be more like a ticket to a higher level of suffering in Nigeria, adding that though he can never be part of the suffering as he has never been.

Pastor Ibiyeomie in a video of one of his sermons posted on YouTube on Friday, August 5 by a YouTuber, M632 TV, sarcastically said that if Nigerians vote wrong leaders into the government in 2023, one naira will rise to N5,000 per one dollar.

Quoting Ecclesiastics Chapter 10 verse 16 of the Christian Holy Bible, which says “Woe to you, o land, when your king is a child and your princes eat in the morning,” Ibiyeomie said any leader who will require the use of diapers, which could be due to old age or ill health, is dangerous.

The cleric said, “You have seen that this person cannot perform, yet you are saying party; party nonsense! I have told you, if you vote for a party, the way you will suffer, me, I will always be here. I’m telling you, I will not suffer with you. Nothing will make me suffer with you. 

“I know too much that I can’t suffer with you but I can tell you, you know I’m a man of God. Try to make a mistake, the naira will turn to N5,000 per dollar. If you don’t want naira to turn to N5,000, better tell yourself what to do.” 

“It says woe to you if you vote for people who have nothing in their head. If you vote for parties this time Nigerians, we will fold our hands and be watching you. All the things you are suffering, am I suffering with you? I’m too connected by covenant to suffer what you people are suffering but if you vote, it says woe to you if your leader is like a child. 

That means any leader who will be using diapers is dangerous. It says woe to you oh land when your king is a child. It is the Bible, I’m not the one who said it. They used that verse for children, so if you have a leader who they use diapers for, woe to you. It is the Bible, am I the one that said it? Except you want to argue with the Bible,” he added.