Human rights in Russia have ‘significantly deteriorated’, says UN

The human rights situation in Russia has “significantly deteriorated” since the start of the Ukraine war, a United Nations expert has said. 

Russian authorities have “severely curtailed” freedoms in the country, and there has been a “systematic crackdown” on civil society organisations, the report by a special rapporteur said. 

Peaceful assembly, expression online and offline, and guarantees of a fair trial are just some of the freedoms that have suffered, it added. 

“An array of administrative sanctions is being applied arbitrarily against dissenters and force used against peaceful protesters,” it stated. 

The report marks the first time the 16-year-old Human Rights Council (HRC) has been mandated to examine the rights record of one of its so-called “P5” members, which hold permanent seats on the Security Council.

There was no immediate comment from the Russian diplomatic mission in Geneva.