How will I know if he’s good in bed? Actress Eucharia shares ‘shocking opinion’ on relationship, sex and marriage

Veteran Nollywood actress and evangelist, Eucharia Anunobi, has described the proponents of “no sex before marriage” as wicked.

Anunobi, in a video she posted on her Instagram page on Monday, said those preaching against premarital sex are “completely out of their minds.”

The actress also asked how intending couples will know if their partners are good in bed if they don’t indulge in sex before marriage.

Anunobi further stated that it’s hard to refrain from sex with someone you’re attracted to.

Her view will come as a shock to many who may see it as inconsistent with teachings in the Bible.

“What’s this whole noise about? No sex before marriage? How can anyone say that someone should not indulge in sexual activity with someone who has already proposed? I mean I don’t understand. The proponents of this whole wicked agenda of no sex before marriage must be completely out of their minds.

“Yes, if they are not out of their minds how can they recommend such a wicked thing? Okay, let me ask this question. How do I get to know if my intended (husband) is good in the bed?

“I think I know the answer. I know the answer to the wickedness that lies in the heart of this proponent of this wicked principle. They are castrated eunuchs and frigid females.
“Yes, if they are not eunuchs and frigid female show can they want to impose their dryness, their dry life upon the lives of orders. Oh yes, you know what? I think their libido is dead.

“Yes, their sex drive has gone down to zero. That is why they will say that we that are hot-blooded, you know, shouldn’t be like them, but we can’t be like them.

“How can we think we can be like them? Not to have sex with someone that I’m completely and sexually attracted to.

“I mean, someone has already proposed to marry me. I have proposed to marry a lady and someone says I should not get to know her.

“No, no, no, something is definitely wrong with these people. They are not of this world, because if they are of this world, they will understand that it is easy to stay and be looking at someone that you’re attracted to and not go under the sheets.”