How We Will Remember Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

NBC Gives Credit For Katinka Hosszu’s Gold to Her Husband, Shane Tusup

The Olympics have been underway for less than a week, but viewers have already been privy to some great gaffes that will go down in Olympic history. Among them, Katinka Hosszu, famously called the “Iron Lady,” destroyer of Olympic records, and gold medalist, had all of her accomplishments forgotten when NBC commentator Dan Hicks called her husband and coach “the man responsible” for her success.

Twitter users were not happy and called out Hicks for his poor choice of words. Hicks then tried to explain himself to the Associated Press saying, “with live TV, there are often times you look back and wished you had said things differently,” adding, “It is impossible to tell Katinka’s story accurately without giving appropriate credit to Shane.”

Aly Raisman’s Parents Steal the Show

It’s almost as much fun to watch Aly Raisman’s parents as it is to watch the gymnast. Raisman’s mother and father held nothing back as they watched their daughter compete on the uneven bars.

Their movements in their seats mirrored their daughter’s routine in the most hilarious yet sweet way.

Al Trautwig Insults Simone Biles’ Parents

Al Trautwig had to do some backtracking after his comments about Simone Biles’ parents.

The gymnastics commentator referred to Biles’ maternal grandfather Ron Biles and wife Nellie Biles as “her grandfather and his wife,” despite the fact Simone and her sister Adria call them “mom and dad.”

Fans took to Twitter in outrage and Trautwig deleted his tweet about the gaffe, in which he wrote “They may be mom and dad but they are NOT her parents,” saying in a statement to the Associated Press, “I regret that I wasn’t more clear in my wording…I compounded the error on Twitter, which I corrected. To set the record straight, Ron and Nellie are Simone’s parents.”

The Daily Mails Calls Katie Ledecky the “Female Michael Phelps”

The UK’s Daily Mail came under fire after referring to Olympic gold medal swimmer Katie Ledecky as the “female Michael Phelps.”

The publication received criticism for not celebrating Ledecky’s accomplishments without comparing her to a male competitor.

Lilly King Shakes Her Finger at Yulia Efimova

Nineteen-year-old Olympic swimmer Lilly King was having none of it when Yulia Efimova returned to the Olympics after being previously banned for doping and had her verdict overturned.

King mockingly wagged her finger as she watched Efimova on a monitor. She went on to defeat Efimova and won the gold with the Russian swimmer taking silver in the 100-meter breaststroke final.

NBC’s John Miller Insults Female Viewers

American audiences were already annoyed with NBC for delaying the Opening Ceremony by one hour but NBC’s Olympic chief marketing officer John Miller made it worse when he said, “More women watch the Games than men, and for the women, they’re less interested in the result and more interested in the journey.

“It’s sort of like the ultimate reality show and mini-series wrapped in one.” Said audiences, including women, took to Twitter to express their extreme displeasure about the delay and the questionable reasoning behind it.

Michael Phelps’ Death Stare

The Internet had a field day when footage showed Michael Phelps glaring at his rival from South Africa, Chad Le Clos, prior to the 200-meter butterfly.

With his hood up and headphones on, the U.S. swimming star did not want any distractions as Le Clos bounced around directly in front of him.

Fans took screenshots of the encounter which resulted in hilarious memes referencing everything from the Taylor Swift-Kayne West feud, to Mean Girls, Harry Potter, and Star Wars.

Chicago Tribune Refers to Bronze Medalist Corey Cogdell as the Wife of Bears Lineman Mitch Unrein

The Chicago Tribune qualified Olympic bronze medalist Corey Cogdell in a tweet as the “wife of a Bears’ lineman,” and made no mention of her name on Twitter.

The Twitter verse immediately sprung into action to hit back at the news outlet for identifying the Olympian by her spouse and not her name or accomplishment.

The Lifeguards Are Not Impressed

The Internet found another hilarious subject for its Olympic memes in the most necessary, but least busy job. The lifeguards at the Olympic Aquatics Stadium have very little actual life-saving tasks to complete as they sit feet from the best swimmers in the world.

NBC Commentator Takes It To The Mall

Discussion about the difference in commentating on women’s events and men’s arose again when a NBC commentator said the USA women’s gymnastics team, “might at well be standing in the middle of a mall,” despite slaying it in the qualifying round.

Many criticized the remark and claimed it would never have been made about a group of male athletes.

Source: EW / NBC