How true is it that Black Men in China are Evil and AIDS-infested?

Another round of controversy overwhelmed netizens in China after a naked black man was seen rioting on Hefei streets until police overpowered him.

The young man who’s apparently of African descent was alleged to have “verbally attacked” people on the streets although a netizen claimed he later charged against one of his victims in Hefei, Anhui during the incident which occurred earlier this month.

Reports on the rampaging black man went viral on China’s popular social media app Weibo, sparking huge waves of criticisms and racial slurs.

According to local media reports, the dark-skinned student lost his sanity and took to the streets. He was spotted near the Foreign Languages Colleges around 4pm on that fateful day.

An online video showed him running against traffic in nothing but his sneakers and white underpants.

The police were unable to identify him as a student of the high institution or verify his country of origin.

However, a large number of Chinese nationals who watched the online videos showered encomiums on their police officers who painstakingly suppressed violent attacks from the black man.

Some internet users feared it was a big risk to confront such an energetic young man, while many others directed their racist attacks on the foreigner who they described as a “black monkey,” “black rubbish,” “black devil,” and “AIDS-infested.”

“Black monkey, go back to your home in the rain forest,” was popular among the thousands of racial slurs used on Weibo.

“It’s disgusting. I’m appalled at the number of blacks in Guangzhou,” another racist wrote on the news outlet, “they bring us AIDS.”

Over 60 percent of all blacks in China live in Guangzhou, one of the country’s ever-growing business hubs. And the city boasts of China’s highest crime rate.

There are little or no white collar jobs for most uneducated foreigners who travel for greener pastures. Hustlers run errands for importers/exporters and make a living through percentage cuts; others sell drugs or engage in other fraudulent activities to survive in the jungle.

The reality on ground transforms even the most feeble at heart into a dreadful monster, but as they always say, a chain is never stronger than its weakest link.

Most citizens of the country have been arrested as members of organized criminal gangs who commit murder, deal on hard drugs and trade humans. But blacks are like spotted leopards with indelible skin patches.

Every dark-skinned man is seen by the myopic few, including some hateful police officers, as “guilty until proven innocent.”

As a black man, I strongly oppose the idea that black men are AIDS-infested. The scourge of sexually transmitted diseases is everywhere, and people need some education on the use of social media.