How to write a professional Thank You Letter (Residency Program)

I admit that writing a professional thank-you letter can help you seal the deal after an interview, and for the purpose of helping our readers boost their candidacy, here is a sample you can use while crafting yours.

Dear Program Director,

I write to thank you for interviewing me for a residency program on …. / …………. /….. It was really nice meeting you and learning more about the higher-level research program. Importantly, I appreciate you for patiently discussing my qualifications, interest in the position, possible challenges, competence and expectations.

After talking to you and Dr. (…………………………….), and getting first-hand information about the hospital, I have conviction that (name of hospital) is one of the best among the few programs to which I have applied.

The program appealed to me because it offers a wide range of patients, boasts of a solid foundation in research and academics, presents a team of dedicated faculty and renowned professors as well as other interesting fellowship opportunities. Remarkably, I am fascinated by the residency  because it permit students to train in and perform cutting-edge diagnoses while practicing multiple treatment techniques, among others.

Your program has all the components of a good residency and truly deserves to be ranked among the best.

I hope that my performance during the interview adequately conveyed my ambition to become a highly motivated member of your house staff. Moreover, I trust that you will genuinely consider me for a residency position.

I look forward to the Match and an opportunity to work with you, your amazing team of residents and reputable staff, whose invaluable feedback will prove an asset in my own future practice. Again, thanks a lot for the invitation.

Kindly let me know if you believe there should be a second meeting or need more information from me, and I would be glad to help. I can be reached either by phone: +91-XXXXXXXXXX or via email:


Mr. Irobiko Chimezie Kingsley