Tell Me about Yourself: How to tackle the popular Interview Question

Having compiled your list of certifications, gained some reasonable work experience, and submitted resumes, cover letters and applications for those desired jobs, the interview setting instills fear among ill-prepared candidates, including those who are short of some useful tips like this one – tell me about yourself.


Most recruitment experts admit they often used “tell us about yourself” at interviews. And no doubts, there are lots of articles on interview tips in the media.

  • Practice how to answer interview questions
  • Keep your answers brief
  • Talk about your college/university and provide an overview of your work experience
  • Be positive; make an attempt, and never answer ‘I don’t know’ to questions
  • Avoid making use of “that’s one of my weak points” or “I’m not really good at it.” Instead talk about your strengths and convince them on your ability to learn
  • Tell the truth always, but not the ones which suggest you’re not a confident, qualified, or smart candidate for the position

All said, this suggestion from

I was interviewing a lady few weeks back and I asked “can I meet you”. Guess what? She started narrating her family history😂, here’s how it went “my name is *******, am from **** State, am the youngest in a family of six and am 25 years old, my dad is a retired civil servant while my mum is a Business woman……….” (and the story went on and on😂)

It would be rude to laugh or cut her short so I patiently listened to the ‘sweet story’. I never asked her to tell me about her family!

Please note, such question is inevitable in an interview session so it’s best to know the right way to approach it, it goes a long way in determining if the interviewer would want to listen to you further or not.

Now to the ‘koko’, when you come across such question in an interview, it is indirectly asking about your professional history, accomplishment and educational heights…don’t tell too much stories! there are other candidates waiting to be interviewed too!

You could use this approach(my personal approach)…My name is Akande Olutobi a graduate of Sociology from the University of Ilorin, my career so far has hovered around sales/Business development, lead generation, marketing and a little bit of HR…continue in comment!

More Pictorial Examples on the Interview Question “Tell Me about Yourself.”



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