How to remove orange stains on shower curtains


The bathroom is a place we can never avoid no matter the level of phobia we have for germs, sickness and diseases.

In fact, some health experts have argued about the pros and cons of cleaning too much, adding that some germs found in the toilet could be harmless. But everyone knows that leaving orange stains on your shower curtains only highlight your insensitivity to living under appalling conditions. Gross! That’s nauseating. And dirtiness should be considered a threat to life because it increases health risks.

What’s your definition of cleanliness?

Cleanliness is next to godliness, they say. This maxim remains indisputable, even to atheists, Muslims, Christians and people from all walks of life, except those who live in a utopian environment where bacteria such as serrati marcescens—which survives only in moist environment—does not exist. And people who knew you as a pretty smug will, suddenly, have a change of heart after seeing those disrespectful stains on your bathroom curtains. Your shower curtains therefore need thorough and regular cleaning to keep—not just your reputation and high health standards—but to safeguard your life and those of your loved ones from bacterial or fungal infections.

What causes orange stains on shower curtains?

Water is life. We need it in our daily lives and can hardly survive days without drinking a glass of water. But, for those orange stains on your shower curtains, water is a curse in disguise because it high mineral and iron content mixed with soap suds gradually provide breeding space for bacteria. And you know quite well that when moisture stays stagnant for days, the bacteria growth tends to darken in colour and—when it comes in contact with your skin—can cause many infectious diseases.

Your personality and hygiene

You know how dirty and repugnant those orange stains look on your shower curtains. And you wish they could disappear on your command, don’t you? Of course, I do, too! Most people have the same feeling towards stubborn stains, especially those on bathroom walls and shower fabric but what differentiates you and them as “hygienic” or “dirty,” “homely” or “unappealing” is the choice you make about your environment, health, clothing etc.

The first time you set eyes on any orange stuff thriving in your shower, your immediate action should be to remove them or risk making everyone in the home susceptible to environmental hazards—which is costlier and dangerous. You would care to learn some cleaning tricks for shower curtains unless your understanding of “health is wealth” and “environmental protection” means protecting the ecology of harmful organisms in your bathroom, one of the few places your beautiful skin gets full exposure to bacteria.

Tips on removing orange stains

Orange stains on shower curtains are noxious. They are everywhere, from the bathroom walls to your sink, tank and toilet bowl. To totally eliminate growth of this life-threatening bacteria in your bathroom, the following items are important:

Bleach: One of the most effective chemicals for cleaning those yellow lines on your shower curtains is bleach. It will kill them all! Without remedy. Yes. But how, you may ask. Because bleach is a product designed for stubborn stains. Here’s how you can achieve the desired objective.

  1. First, consider buying a chlorine-based cleaner.
  2. Wear rubber gloves. You will need it for swishing the material in water.
  3. Proceed with soaking the fabric in hot water. And make sure the hem goes in first because the bottom always has the worst stains.
  4. Add a few old towels. They won’t hurt your curtains but will rather protect and make them look newer.
  5. Ensure that the water used in soaking the curtains is enough to cover all when immersed.
  6. Wait between 20 – 30 minutes and wash. Viola! You won’t believe the magic of chlorine bleach, which I still consider a safe, non-toxic and cost-effective method of eliminating stains and bad odour from coloured and white bathroom clothing. The process is as easy as ABC, isn’t it? But you’ll never know if you don’t try.
  7. Soak it again to ensure that all stains are totally removed. It works for me after observing this procedure twice before sending it for washing in the machine.
  8. However, you should carefully check the washing instructions on the tag of your shower curtains—if available. Otherwise, if you have concerns for fading colours or skin irritations from using chlorine-based bleach, you may consider swapping bleach for laundry detergents.
  9. Whether washing the curtains by hand or machine, apply caution. A gentle wash will preserve your fabric from wash and tear caused by excessive squashing.

Once you complete the washing, your drying options are to either hang it up in the bathroom or outside, especially on a sunny day. Of course, drying shower curtains in the sun is faster and safer because the shower is usually damp with less ventilation. Importantly, after repeated soaking and sunning, your fabric may not look as crispy and beautiful like the day you bought them but the huge difference will be noticeable.

Protecting your shower curtains from bacteria

As long as your shower in the bathroom, there will be moisture build-up which leads to mildew and yellow stains. Bacteria growth is therefore unavoidable. But you can protect yourself and family members from unnecessary health risks by regularly washing your shower curtains with chlorine-based bleach as explained earlier in this article—maybe once every month. It won’t be a problem if you wash them every two or three weeks, too. That’s how I keep mine clean and safe and my husband never stops appreciating me for giving him and the kids some “habitable and germ-free” bathrooms. He even brags about my homely nature to his friends and family. And the day he introduced me to one of his business partners, saying, ‘…She’s the saintliest woman I’ve ever known…She’s a no bacteria-woman and it’s working for me, my heart, life, business and marriage…In truth, I’ve always dreamt of wrapping myself in the shower curtains and sleeping off in the bathroom.’ His words, though more like a joke, stuck with me and has been an inspiration since that day. You will never know how much your kids, parents, spouse or friends appreciate your little efforts to live a bacteria-free life.

Removing orange stains from your shower curtains is easy. Just give it a try.