How to achieve greatness this new year

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As 2023 begins, it can be a time of hope and new beginnings. A time when we build on the learnings from last year and make the most of a fresh start.

One of the many things that I have learnt from last year, is that life can be full of the unexpected: good and bad.

I have learnt that I can think that I am on a good path—that everything is going well and then an unforeseen challenge can come my way—followed by another, another and then another.

When I feel like I cannot cope with one more thing, another big challenge can be thrust upon me, that I have to deal with.

What I have learnt from this experience—is that I can cope—I have the ability to move through challenges and get to the other side.

I have learnt to be comfortable with uncomfortability and to expect the unexpected. To make a positive difference where I can and to let go of the rest. To be grateful for the many beautiful things I have in my life, big and small. That beauty is all around us, all the time when we look for it.

I now know, that 2023 will be the way it is and that is perfectly all right. Not perhaps the scripted version I could have in my head. I have learnt to let go of the script and accept life, moment by moment.

I now know, that no matter what happens good or bad—we the have opportunity to grow and evolve and step into all that we can be.

We can make the choice to reframe difficult times—and that in the long run—challenges create the opportunity for growth and transformation—a gift in strange wrapping paper.

If we are not growing, we are stagnant, or even worse, going backwards.

Growing and going forward has been generally well understood in terms of material gain or financial circumstances. However, growth is equally important in relation to how we grow personally, that is, our inner transformation.

At every twist and turn, we have the opportunity to choose, to be hurt or wise, by life’s challenging events.

On this journey (as I have found myself) support may be needed to seek new perspectives and develop new patterns of behaviour.

I have had the privilege and the honour of spending time with inspiring personal development leaders. These leaders have used their personal challenges to transform and evolve their inner world. They now share their wisdom with thousands of people, all over the planet, creating positive growth and change.

So, if you are ready to be your best self and know that this requires you to transform and grow in 2023, the best support and tools–around you and online–will make this journey easier. If you’re studying at the undergraduate, Master’s or PhD level, ACADEMICSCORES Writing Service is always available to improve your scores.