How Much You Read, Decides How Long You Live.

Most people don’t find reading a considerable investment of time when compared to watching movies or listening to audio books, it’s all about choices. Some say reading gives them headache while a few others fear they can’t remember what they read–the reasons are inexhaustible.

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However, a new study has found out that bookworms benefit more than non-readers. In fact, those who read more, have a longer life span.

According to Harpersbazaar, a research published in the Social Science and Medicine Journal confirms “reading increases your life expectancy”.

The research also found that those aged over 50 who read regularly lived for two years longer than those who didn’t read at all. 

The study, conducted over 12 years, separated people into three groups: those who read for 3.5 hours or more a week, those who read up to 3.5 hours and those who never read.

At the end of the time period, 33 per cent of those who didn’t read had died, while only 27 per cent of the readers had.

The amount of time spent reading also made a difference, with the participants who read for more than 3.5 hours per week being 17 per cent less likely to die. 

Becca R. Levy [an author] said: “People who report as little as a half-hour a day of book reading had a significant survival advantage over those who did not read.

“And the survival advantage remained after adjusting for wealth, education, cognitive ability and many other variables.”

It’s a known fact proven by researchers that reading keeps one’s mind very sharp, and relieves of stress, too. The beneficial impact from on our well-being can never be measured.

The Kardashians know the facts behind reading, too.