How Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Are ‘The Best Celebrity Couple’.

If anyone has been wondering how Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have been able to pull through in their marriage after all these troubled years, worry no more. The couple aren’t better than any other you’ll find in the street corner, they’re just good at being “the Best Celebrity Couple”.

Image shows Kim Kardashian and Kanye West at the MTV event.

The 2016 MTV Video Music Awards presented Kim and Kanye another chance to market themselves as the best couple in the world–maybe, the Best Celebrity Couple. And guess what, it worked. They did it in an amazing way.

Kanye and Kim were the best attraction of the night. They looked happy whispering, giggling, smooching and looking into each other’s eyes as if it was just the two of them at Madison Square.

No couples were as happy as Kimye.

The rapper’s wife was incredible in her outfit, matched with a glittering diamond ring she conspicuously put on display.

Kanye isn’t known for smiling at events but the “love and romance” was too hot for him to handle. He couldn’t believe himself laughing. Kim clearly knows where his remote controls are, and she pressed the right buttons.

Kim played pranks with her hubby, even when it seemed he wanted to listen very carefully to Beyonce’s speech. She needed all the attention to herself.

Would you consider starring at Bey when you have Kim? Maybe, you’ll need time to think it out.

By the way, Kimmy outshined Rihanna, Amber Rose, Nicki Minaj and every other charming couple at the event, including Beyonce–except for the awards she didn’t get. Crowning her as MTV’s queen for the night will take away the pains of having no talents.

Proofs of Kim’s celebrity status was again, not in doubt as she was seen taking selfies with almost everyone. Her job is “being famous”, and she did it well.

Kim took photos with the U.S. team from the Olympics–Final Five. The reality TV star was also seen with Michael Phelps, the muscular swimmer who revealed that Future’s music inspired his dreadful face in Brazil. Then there was Ariana Grande, Oscar Grant, Eric Garner, Britney Spears, Cassie and Diddy. Too numerous to mention.

After all the pomps and pride, Kanye and Kim went out of public view but how they spent time backstage would amaze anyone who just witnessed the couple displaying strong affection to each other.

The couple are simply disconnected in their privacy.

Kim, 35, was seen grabbing a mouse to play some tunes on the computer while both paid serious attention to their phones.

They were close yet far away, revealing exactly what happens in the secret of their home.

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