How ISIS fed Baby to its Mother; raped a 10-year-old Girl to death

ISIS has proved itself the most dreaded terror group despite its diminishing number of soldiers, but these shocking revelations from Vian Dakhil, who recently spoke about a mom being tricked to eat her own child and another 10-year-old girl dying from rape, shows the jihadists are aliens.

Ms Dakhil, a Yazidi member of Iraqi’s parliament, granted an interview to Extra News (an Egyptian news outlet) and made some horrific claims against ISIS.

Image shows Ms Dakhil receiving a UN Award in February, 2016.

Describing some of the atrocities committed by the terror group, Ms Dakhil said a woman who was held captive in the war-torn region was tricked into eating her own child.

She explained that the mother was one of those lucky Yazidis who were rescued from captivity.

“One of the women whom we managed to retrieve from Isis said that she was held in a cellar for three days without food or water,” Ms Dakhil started.

“Afterwards, they brought her a plate of rice and meat. She ate the food because she was very hungry.

“When she finished, they said to her: We cooked your 1-year-old son that we took from you, and this is what you just ate.”

Her comments were translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute.


Emotions flared during Ms Dakhil’s interview, and the reporters were moved to tears after learning of the heartbreaking wickedness suffered by an innocent woman.

Ms Dakhil also told the story of another survivor, a young Yazidi woman whose six sisters were taken hostage.

In her words, “One of the girls said that they took six of her sisters.

“Her younger sister, a ten-year-old girl, was raped to death in front of her father and sisters. She was ten-years-old.

“The question that we keep asking is: ‘Why?,'” Ms Dakhil asked. “Why did these savages do this to us?”

According to a report from Reuters, the People’s Defender gave a speech in Oslo last month, bemoaning the fact that over 420,000 Yazidis living as refugees in Kurdistan has been forgotten by the world.

She added that “the misery and tragedy is still there and just as real.”

The public figure stated that thousands of girls are still being tortured in captivity.

In 2016, Ms Dakhil was honored with a Lantos Human Rights Prize from The Lantos Foundation for Human Rights and Justice.

The woman who is known as a fighter for democratic values in the Middle East, received the prize for her daring efforts towards liberating and defending the Yazidi people against extinction by ISIS.

She was at the forefront of protests against Donald Trump’s ban on 7 Muslim-majority countries which included Iraq.

In her remarks against the US President’s executive orders, Ms Dakhil reiterated that her country is at its best in fighting terrorism.

Although the initial ban prevented her from entering the US as an Iraqi, her travel visa was later reissued, reports confirm.

ISIS allegedly captured over 10,000 Yazidis during its infamous attacks around the country in August 2014. Many women and girls are still held as sex slaves.

Thousands of dead victims, more than 3,000 out of the estimated number, have been unearthed in mass graves. Some of the bodies showed signs of suffering severe torture before death.