How Google Analytics Is Killing Brands, Publishers And Bloggers.

Digital advertising has received the biggest share of marketing investments in the 21st Century, a trend which depends solely on real-time data collection and tracking, championed by Google Analytics.

Google has held on tightly to the mantle as The Biggest Player in the domain but the company’s recent worldwide outage has dealt a deadly blow on businesses around the world.

Though the impact of this outage has been described as “limited”, reports confirm that the web analytics tool’s real-time data collection suffered from a data bug.

According to Beijing Bulletin, “the repercussions were experienced by brands and publishers far and wide as they were blinded to the impact their strategies and campaigns were having on their traffic and audience”.

The tool’s Real Time Reports section, that tracks real-time viewer metrics displayed an error message, “Resource is not available. Please try again later.”

On Thursday, Google Analytics acknowledged the outage in a Tweet that said, “Some users may be experiencing issues with real-time reporting. We are working on a fix and expect to have everything back to normal soon.”

Over 100,100 followers retweeted the said tweet and it received 119,119 likes.

The tool later shot out an update that said, “If you see errors accessing real-time reports in GA, a temporary workaround is to clear cookies or use an incognito browser window.”

However, hours later, several users complained that the proposed quick fix didn’t resolve the issue.

Google Analytics later said, “We are working on a permanent resolution to this issue, which is expected to go live tomorrow. Apologies for the inconvenience.”

On Friday morning, some users acknowledged that the workaround did, in fact, provide a temporary solution to the bug.

By evening the same day, the problem continued to persist across several geographies.

Google however, has not indicated when a fix would be implemented.

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