How frequent Masturbation reduces chances of Cancer in Men

Every male on this planet earth has, at one time or the other, played his natural flute, Ask claims.

Truth be told, there’s nothing wrong with masturbation except when it’s overdone. It keeps one safe from HIV and AIDS, and is far better than unprotected sex.

Regrettably, one of its negative side effects shows up when it’s time for a healthy man to pull the real cords for a woman.

Health experts say side effects of masturbation aren’t always visible, if any, and may not interfere with a man’s day-to-day activities. However, sleeping with yourself isn’t really a cool thing to do.

Ask any man who loves smooching his willy whether he does feel awkward when pretty women are within reach. The answer will surprise you.

Masturbation turns even a straight guy into a ‘homo.’

Loss of libido is one of the side effect from too much love for one’s flute. It lowers the testosterone level in men — taking you high when lonely, and leaving you at a rock bottom when a woman comes around.

Having private moments alone isn’t left for men alone. Of course, women do enjoy it, too.

According to a survey from Women’s Health, about 5% of women aged 25-29 engage in solo sessions more than 4 times a week, while 20.1% of men do.

Men are considered as high-frequency masturbators on a short-term, but you’d be surprised to know that women aren’t that bad in the long-run.

“The gap closes in for those who reported masturbating multiple times a month, with 21.5% of women ages 25-29 and 25.4% of men in that same age group,” writes the health news outlet.

Sexperts suggest masturbation for men and women whose partners aren’t giving them adequate satisfaction. It relieves lovers of sexual frustration, to an extent. But that’s not all it brings for men.

Apart from helping to reduce sperm-overload, the menfolk get an extra reduction in their chances of cancer.

Masturbators tend to reduce the frequency as they grow older, but its ability to zap stress and anxiety can never be over-estimated.

Besides, women who please themselves have a possibility of developing higher self-esteem and appreciation for their body image than those who don’t.

However, health professionals advised men never to underestimate the power of their hands. Squeezing the penis shaft too hard during masturbation makes it nearly impossible to enjoy sex with the opposite sex because it takes less pressure to insert the shaft of a cock in a soft and wet environment like the vagina.

Solo sex serves as a complement for women, whereas in men, it’s just another way of getting prepared for an earth-shattering orgasm, if done modestly and less frequently.

For example, a man who has neither engaged in sex acts nor masturbated in a week goes home and suddenly finds his girlfriend on all four, begging for a super-charged doggy style. Your guess on a mind-boggling orgasm is as good as mine, although some men argue that they tend to cum too quickly after taking a break from sex.

Now, compare that to a man who masturbates twice or even more everyday. Sex will surely have a different meaning when the opportunity presents itself because the powerhouse is out of gas.

Masturbation is good, but will never be as good as the real thing. Any man who has the wisdom and skill to enjoy both, deserves a pat on the back.

According to the NHS, men should masturbate more if they wish to stay away from prostate cancer, although no mention was made of how enjoyable sex could be when we get excess of it by other means.

The new research from NHS website says men’s risk of prostate cancer was significantly lower in those who ejaculated at least 21 times a month through sex or masturbation.

Prostate cancer is more common in the UK, where about 40,000 cases are reported each year.

As confirmed by previous research, there’s a possibility that ejaculation contributes to getting rid of cancer-causing elements and infections from the gland.

NHS says masturbation is entirely safe.

“We found that men reporting higher compared to lower ejaculatory frequency in adulthood were less likely to be subsequently diagnosed with prostate cancer,” NHS wrote.

“So if you want to do it as a preventative method, then it wouldn’t pose any health risks.”

According to New Health Advisor‘If you are masturbating many times in a day, but are still living a healthy life, then the frequency is good for you.

‘However, if your frequency of masturbation is affecting other aspects of your life, like making you give up sex with your partner or causing you to miss work, you will need to see a sex therapist.’