How this young Chinese man underwent surgery in error while waiting for pregnant wife in a hospital

A young Chinese man named Wang will never forget the day he underwent hemorrhoid surgery at a hospital while patiently waiting for his pregnant wife to give birth.

Luckily for him, the incident which occurred in Shenyang late last year didn’t end as a tragedy.


The father-to-be was nervous but expectant on that fateful day. He spent hours at a hospital waiting and praying for his lovely wife but never knew he’d be somewhere else when the baby finally arrived.

People’s Daily confirmed the hospital’s surgery room was located very close to a labor room where pregnant women have C-sections. And the 29-year-old was waiting right outside their when the unexpected happened.

A nurse approached him after 40 minutes and he was led into an operating suite. Wang said he didn’t know the room was for hemorrhoid patients.

He was surprised when the nurse called for him to go inside, but never asked questions. Then he was instructed to take off his pants, and the young man obeyed just like a gentleman would.

It was a good risk – at that moment – as he relaxed naked in the room with a young nurse, waiting for further instructions. He thought whatever was required from him, would be for the sake of his wife though he was so anxious to find out with all smiles.

“While I was waiting outside, a nurse waved me into the surgery room. I thought that maybe my wife needed something, so I went in,” Wang told the news outlet.

“Once I was inside the surgery room, the nurse told me to take off my pants and lie down on the bed. At the time, I was a little doubtful, but I thought that this would make me just like my wife giving birth. So I took my pants off.”

Wang said he couldn’t remember any of the events that followed. He woke up after some time but was very weak to move although he would have loved to see his new born baby.

“When I was lying there, I heard the baby crying and I wanted to see my child, but my butt hurt so much that I couldn’t move,” Wang recalled.

The young man felt dizzy but never knew he was undergoing hemorrhoid surgery until it was completed.

Shortly after the successful operation, his doctor ushered in a woman who was supposed to be his mother-in-law, and to their greatest regret, both of them didn’t know each other.

Wasn’t that supposed to be a joyful moment?

The young man made it alive and was thankful except that he didn’t sign up for surgery.

“Before that nobody told me that this a hemorrhoids operation. I didn’t sign any agreement, they never even asked me for my name,” Wang complained.

Wang’s anger flared at the doctor and hospital management as he demanded for some explanations.

In the end, he was offered 5,000 yuan (less than $1,000) for that regrettable error.

Nonetheless, his doctor confirmed that he had hemorrhoids.

The young father finally walked away with his new born baby, a 5,000 yuan compensation, free surgery, and a literal pain in the butt.