Horses Queue Up For Ice Cream By Themselves, To Fight The Heatwave.

The heatwave, brought about by soaring temperatures in Europe has caused discomfort to both humans and animals, to a point that horses had to queue up to get a taste of an ice cream from a seller.

Passersby who witnessed the animals’ thirst and especially the orderliness, felt a sense of wonderment seeing the free-roaming stallions line up without fights. No pushing. And no trying to jump the queue. Amazing!

Even horses need to cool down in the heat. Picture: SWNS

The animals gathered at the mobile refreshment van as seen in the pictures, with the hope of getting a frozen treat from the ice cream man.

Three of the burning and sweaty horses formed an orderly queue at Winstone’s ice cream on Minchinhampton Common, Glos., and it was a beautiful sight. There’s no denying the fact that, “there’s always order in chaos”.

“Visitors are asked not to feed the animals so it is thought they were given a cool drink instead,” a report confirms.

It's not the first time the horses have queued for an ice cream. Picture: SWNS

It was a 33-year-old man named James Marling who sighted the horses on his way to work and was kind enough to share his joy with the world.

He said: “That ice cream van is always there but I’ve never seen horses gather at it.

“I think they were feeling the heat like us, and were hoping to get some help to cool down.”

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