Hong Kong Celebrity Cecilia Cheung Takes Legal Action Against Rumor Mongers.

Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung made headlines today after she took legal actions against rumor mongers who claim she squandered her own share from ex-husband’s divorce settlement five years ago.

She was married to a popular celebrity actor-singer Nicholas Tse.

Cecilia Cheung Cheated $32 million? Nicholas Tse Denies Poor Relationship with Son

Image shows Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung.

According to Toggle, Cecilia is suing the Hong Kong media for slander, after the 36-year-old was rumored to have wasted her ex-husband’s family fortune.
Her lawsuit claims that the reported NT$500 million (approximately S$21.2 million) which she’s accused of mismanaging, was used in the upkeep of the couple’s two sons–Lucas, 8, and Quintus, 6.
The media says she used the kids as her bargaining chip to get Nicholas into releasing a bigger part of their shared assets to her–a demand which the ex-husband reportedly rejected.
Image: Cecilia Cheung

Some tabloids reported yesterday that the actress told some of her close pals at the airport that she regretted squandering Nicholas’s wealth, adding that she wants to focus on her career now, having depended on the ex-husband’s wealth for over 5 years.

The confession may have been made to her trusted friends but even the walls have ears. She has however, fired back at rumor mongers after her disclosed secret surfaced online.

Cecilia accused the media of slander and has since consulted her lawyer for legal actions. She posted a message on her lawyer’s Weibo account this morning, and uploaded a picture of their official letter against the rumor-mongers.
The actress pleaded with the general public to ignore those reports and see them as unfounded rumors. As the letter shows, Cecilia claims the negative reports have tarnished her image, ordering the news website to take down the article, issue an official apology to her, and offset all attorney fees incurred.

Image shows Cecilia’s leaked picture taken with Edison Chen.

Before the couple divorced in 2011, Cecilia was accused of cheating on her husband with Edison Chen. She’s alleged to have had one too many affairs, and would not retrace her steps even after warnings from Nich.

JayneStars wrote: Nic’s divorce decision was not solely instigated by Cecilia’s friendly photo collaboration with ex-flame, Edison Chen (陳冠希), in May. He could no longer withstand her rash personality and her “threats” in their marriage.

Image: Cecilia Cheung

Since the incident with Edison, Nic felt that Cecilia did not consider his feelings and was deeply angered. He refused to celebrate Cecilia’s birthday with her and did not return her phone calls and text messages. This did not make Cecilia reflect on her actions but rather incited her to ask her lawyer to send a letter asking for divorce.

She sent threatening text messages that she will commit suicide as well.

Cecilia Cheung’s picture that exposed her secret affair and broke her marriage.

Cheung has been romantically linked to Hong Kong male singers such as Daniel Chan and Jordan Chan. She then dated Nicholas Tse in early 2002, but split with him late that year when he returned to his ex-girlfriend, singer Faye Wong.

In early 2003, rumors surfaced that the actress and Edison Chen were in a secret love affair, a rumor which both vehemently denied but not until nude pictures of both Edison and Cecilia got leaked online.

Image shows Cecilia Cheung and her two kids.

About three years later, Cheung and Tse were first reported to have reconciled in early 2006 and on 31 July 2006, Tse officially admitted to dating Cheung in an interview with Commercial Radio Hong Kong 881/903.

In September 2006, Tse showed off his wedding ring at the Hong Kong International Airport, announcing that he and Cheung had been married in a secret wedding ceremony in the Philippines.

Secilia Cheung’s parents divorced when she was little after which she was sent to Australia for studies. She graduated from RMIT Holmes College.

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