Holy Shit! A Chinese Doctor and Nurse fights dirty while operating on a Patient

The unbelievable happens when medical practitioners take their emotions into an operating room, and that’s the only explanation to why a nurse could punch a doctor so hard in the face at a time they should be syncing to save a patient’s life.


In an online video which has since gone viral, a nurse was seen arguing with a doctor before throwing a lovely jab to his face.

The 45-second clip shows a group of busy medical workers at a health facility which was identified as Lankao County hospital in Henan Province, China.

Both nurse and doctor started a verbal exchange of words while others were busy saving a life, then she lost her temper. The attempt to embarrass a man before his colleagues was the lady’s undoing.

As seen in the video, that gentleman wearing a face scrub got angry for the humiliating attack and had to defend himself against a man beater.

However, it remains unclear whether the man was deserved the knock but after the woman absorbed some hard punches from him, a hard knock on the head credited the doctor with a KO.

The nurse collapsed, like in a Hollywood movie, while other medical workers ran helter skelter. Someone could have used a sharp object and that would be murder!

Shame on them. A report from the Daily Mail says witnesses at the hospital confirmed those two workers are a doctor and a nurse who were romantically involved.

They got into an argument after he accused her of violating protocol during the operation. She denied the accusation but couldn’t hold back the anger and pain. Then she took it physical.

Within the few seconds those lovebirds fought mid-operation, one of the surgeons continued suturing while others tried to calm the angry doctor who never wanted to stop raining blows on his alleged partner.

A local police officer who spoke with reporters claimed the operation had ended and that the patient was out of their operating room before that demoralizing fight occurred.

However, netizens are disputing such claims because it’s clearly evident in the video that the patient was still lying lifeless on a table.

The hospital management said they’re investigating the fight as a quarrel between a couple. Both partners did not sustain any life-threatening injuries.