Hollywood actor Liam Neeson was offered free food in a Restaurant and he did this

Can you imagine Hollywood actor Liam Neeson telling bad guys in the movies, ‘If you offer me free food, I’ll find you and I will kill you!’

Someone, no, a company tempted our manly actor with free sandwich but you won’t believe how he responded.

Image: Liam Neeson

Who doesn’t like the combination of ‘free’ and ‘food,’ anyway?

According to a recent report from BuzzFeed, the famous actor has been filming a movie in Vancouver, where things got crazy after some die-hard fans got wind of his presence around the area.

While the 64-year-old was busy “killing people” in Hard Powder, a sandwich shop decided to utilize the opportunity by getting him to promote their brand. And guess what! It worked like magic.

Employees at Big Star Sandwich in New Westminster had heard a rumour that Neeson was in the area filming the movie Hard Powder, coming out in 2018.Since there are several Liam Neeson superfans on staff, they decided to put a message on the sandwich board outside offering him a free meal on the house.

The picture was later posted on Instagram with the following caption:

When you hear #LiamNeeson is filming in #downtownnewwest

Big Star Sandwich Company, Vancouver, may not get a chance to feature anywhere in Neeson’s 2018 movie but they sure have something to treasure.

The staff reportedly said they weren’t sure their efforts to get him munching at their free sandwich would work, but it did.

A few members of the Big Star staff wrote two messages on the sandwich board outside the shop.

“Come in and get TAKEN away by our sandwiches,” the second caption which was intended to be a reference to one of the actor’s most popular films, reads.

According to media reports, the messages were writing in the morning but Neeson was able to take a break from acting in the afternoon, just to put smiles on peoples’ faces.

The Batman Begins actor isn’t only famous, he has a large heart.

Image: Liam Neeson

Huffingtonpost wrote that he arrived exactly at 6:30pm, and was identified by an employee named Serge Patoka.

Kyle “Doug” Gus said he stood confused and dazed after hearing his co-worker shout, “Holy f**k!”

Then as you would expect in the movies, Neeson asked in a husky voice: “Where’s my food?”

Petrified, you’d rather be, right?

The famous actor was humbled at the hospitality offered by Big Star Sandwich Company but sadly, he didn’t have enough time to take a bite on those tasty sandwiches.


However, he offered to pose for pictures and selfies in place of a having memorable brunch.

Alex Johrden, the Director of Big Star, told BuzzFeed that the Grey actor was running out of time but hanged on enough to take pictures with two members of staff.

Johrden said his appearance was more like a shock to everyone.

In his words: “We had no idea he would be in our vicinity. I assume someone on the film crew saw the sign and got it back to him.”

“Holy f**k, it worked! #LiamNeeson,” the company wrote on its Facebook page.